Human Behavior in Health and Illness

Human Behavior in Health and Illness This course is designed to give 2nd-year medical students an overview of behavioral science principles that inform medical practice.  The course is taught by Dr. Michael Marcangelo.  The emphasis in the course is on normal behavior and the biological, psychological, and social factors that influence it. It is intended to be a big-picture view of a complex field, focusing largely on elements that shape health behaviors in general. In addition, students are taught aspects of behavior that can go awry, leading at times to poor coping with circumstances (including physical illnesses) or even to the onset of mental illnesses. The course should provide enough behavioral science material (psychological models of the mind, behavioral neurobiology, development through life cycle, sleep, sexuality, adaptation to illness, and normal v. psychopathology) to prepare students for the Psychiatry module of Clinical Pathology and Pathophysiology and for their clinical clerkships.

When:  September 18, 2018- October 30, 2018

Class meets twice per week for a two hour session.