The Human Body

The Human Body

The Human Body course is the first component of the Scientific Foundations of Medicine curriculum in Year 1. The Human Body course will provide you with a foundation in the structural organization of the body.  You will learn gross anatomy of the back, thorax, abdomen, pelvis, head and neck, and upper and lower limbs through large and small group teaching sessions, as well as cadaver dissection. Correlations with Radiology and Surgery are an integral part of the course and provide real world clinical context for the anatomic material.

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When: August 7, 2018- October 19, 2018

The course meets daily each morning, with dissection labs meeting in the afternoons.

Cadavers used in this course are generously donated to the Pritzker School of Medicine through the Anatomical Gift Association of Illinois. For more information about this process, please visit their webpage: Anatomical Gift Association of Illinois. Each fall, the first year class commemorates the lives of those who donated their bodies to the course during an annual ceremony of gratitude.