Incoming Students Orientation


July 15, 2017
Hello our dear MS21ers,

We hope this mailing finds you relaxing poolside with a tropical drink in hand. Things here in Chicago have been great as we have all settled into our summer schedules!

Since we last wrote you, Aaron has become a professional
pot-luck goer and yoga master, leaving no tart unbaked or dog
turned downward. Maria is often spotted running throughout Chicago
as she trains for her upcoming 10k and recently returned from an
intergalactic trip through the Star Wars series with Kathryn. Aside
from traveling the universe with Maria, Kathryn has been channeling
her overwhelming excitement for orientation into kickboxing. She also
hasn’t been upset about all the summer activities in Chicago to keep
her busy!

Another favorite pastime of ours has become counting down the days until you all will be here to join us in all of the aforementioned pursuits and, by our count, we are currently only 18 short days away from the official start of Orientation 2017! You may have noticed from the general schedule included with the
last mailing that the first few days of Orientation are going to be pretty well packed with a multitude of fun and informative activities. With that in mind, we encourage you to take some time towards the end of this month to take care of any last minute errands (internet connections, housing, banking, health insurance, financial aid etc.) and to lounge around as much as possible. During Orientation, you will have the opportunity to meet faculty and administrators that will play an integral part in your experience here at Pritzker and will also have the chance to get to know your classmates and the other current students. Orientation will officially begin at 8 AM on Thursday, August 3rd in the BSLC lobby (924 E. 57th Street, Chicago, IL 60637).

You should have received information about creating your UChicago CNET ID.
( As a reminder, this ID will serve as your University of Chicago email address and will also be the username that you will use to log into UChicago websites including Canvas (notes and information for classes), (billing information, administration information and grade access), the on-campus Wi-Fi network, and more. Once you set up your CNET ID, you will have access to these websites and will also be able to go about setting up your University of Chicago email address. At orientation, you’ll also recevie login information for your hospital approved email address, but you’ll hear more abou this at Orientation.

Last but not least, in this third and final mailing is the following:

  • Bios from our 2017-2018 Pritzker Chiefs
  • A letter from Dr. James Woodruff, Associate Dean of Students, introducing you to the medical school’s Guiding Principles of Professionalism
  • A letter from Dr. Vineet Arora and Dr. Jeanne Farnan about the VISTA longitudinal experiential program
  • A preview schedule of your Summer Quarter Schedule
  • A letter from the Community Engagement Committee about the Community Engagement Day events on the Saturday of Orientation
  • A letter from our Basic Life Support (BLS) group leaders about your BLS training
  • A flier to introuce you to Pritzker’s Identity and Inclusion (i2i) Initative
  • Fliers about the Orientation Wellness Fair and Field Day
  • A letter from the Free Clinic Committee
  • A letter introducing the library resources available at the University of Chicago
  • A description of the medical equipment package that you will need during your time at Pritzker, and an example order/upgrade/opt-out form
  • Information on student disability insurance
  • A flyer about the book club event that will take place during
  • “Save the Date” for some fun and adventure filled post-orientation activities

As we have emailed you about, per Pritzker tradition, we are putting together an old fashioned Facebook named “Faces of Pritzker.” This is a tool to help you learn about your new classmates as well as the upper classmen. Please help us out by filling out the survey at and by submitting a picture of yourself to
Please ensure that the picture is 400 x 400 pixels (for people who don’t think in pixels, an iPhone photo is fine! Just don’t send a tiny cropped photo of your head because it will be blurry!) Make sure to submit your Faces of Pritzker profile and photo ASAP so we can have it ready for when you all arrive.

We have a few more surveys to fill your summer days with:
• Summer Socials RSVP-
• Community Engagement RSVP - Due July 22
• Dietary Restrictions Survey-
Due July 24

I’m sure you are all terribly sad to hear that this is the final Orientation mailing and, as such, you will no longer be able to look forward to exciting, fat envelopes from us in your mailboxes. That said, you will soon have our real live faces to take the place of the many beautiful pictures of us (that you almost certainly have been cutting out to put in your medical school scrapbook) and we hope that you are as excited about this as we are. We would just like to wish you one final
congratulations and hope that the final few weeks of your summer are truly splendid. Feel free to reach out should you have any questions, comments or concerns. Looking forward to seeing you in Hyde Park soon!

With thrilled anticipation for your arrival,
The Orientation Trio,
Maria, Kathryn & Aaron