Pritzker School of Medicine students have the opportunity to apply for and pursue the one-year Master of Arts degree at the University of Chicago Harris School of Public Policy. The MD/AM dual degree helps prepare physicians for leadership roles in health administration and health policy.

The two degrees are administered separately and require two separate admissions and financial aid applications. Interested Pritzker Applicants are encouraged to wait until after their first two years of medical school to apply to the policy school with a plan to take the their policy graduate work after their third year of medical school.

Current Pritzker School of Medicine students interested in applying for the joint MD/AM degree should make an appointment with Dr. Jim Woodruff, Associate Dean of Students. Prospective students interested in exploring the MD/AM degree should contact the Pritzker Admissions Office.

Course of Study

MD/AM students at the University of Chicago typically complete the first three years of medical school before taking a year-long leave of absence to pursue full-time graduate work at the Harris School of Public Policy. MD/AM students then return to the Pritzker School of Medicine to complete their final clinical year of the medical degree. During their fourth and final year in medical school, students may take additional electives at the policy school. Typical MD/AM degree students complete both degrees in 5 years.

Students who pursue the MD/AM may participate in the Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP). This program allows students to earn a Certificate in Health Administration and Policy while earning a master's degree at the GSB, the Harris School of Public Policy Studies and the School of Social Service Administration.


Graduates of both programs often pursue careers in academic medicine or health administration. Several Pritzker School of Medicine faculty members are graduates of the AM degree in public policy. These include:

Deborah Burnet, MD'89, AM'03

Dr. Burnet is an alumna of both the Pritzker School of Medicine and the Harris School of Public Policy. Currently the Chief of General Internal Medicine at the University of Chicago, Dr. Burnet's research focuses on using community based interventions to decrease obesity and the development of type 2 diabetes.

Vineet Arora, MD, AM'03

Dr. Arora received her medical degree from Washington University in St. Louis, and pursued the AM degree after completing her residency at the University of Chicago. Currently the Assistant Dean for Scholarship and Discovery at the Pritzker School of Medicine, Dr. Arora's research focuses on improving trainee education and patient care.