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Selected Recent Publications

Katherine Zhou: An additional class of m6A readers. Zhou KI, Pan T. Nature Cell Biology . Mar 2018

Justin Chew: High protein copy number is required to suppress stochasticity in the cyanobacterial circadian clock. Chew J, Leypunskiy E, Lin J, Murugan A, Rust MJ. Nature Communications. Aug 2018

Sylvia Ranjeva: Recurring infection with ecologically distinct HPV types can explain high prevalence and diversity. Ranjeva SL, Baskerville EB, Dukic V, Villa LL, Lazcano-Ponce E, Giuliano AR, Dwyer G, Cobey S. PNAS. Dec 2017

Jeffrey Bunker: Natural polyreactive IgA antibodies coat the intestinal microbiota. Bunker JJ, Erickson SA, Flynn TM, Henry C, Koval JC, Meisel M, Jabri B, Antonopoulos DA, Wilson PC, Bendelac A. Science. Oct 2017

David Koren: Cross-compartmental Modulation of Dendritic Signals for Retinal Direction Selectivity. Koren D, Grove JCR, Wei W. Neuron. Aug 2017

Anya Bershad: Oxytocin Receptor Gene Variation Predicts Subjective Responses to MDMA. Bershad AK, Weafer JJ, Kirkpatrick MG, Wardle MC, Miller MA, de Wit H. Soc Neurosci. Dec 2016

Gabe Salzman: Structural Basis for Regulation of GPR56/ADGRG1 by Its Alternatively Spliced Extracellular Domains. Salzman GS, Ackerman SD, Ding C, Koide A, Leon K, Luo R, Stoveken HM, Fernandez CG, Tall GG, Piao X, Monk KR, Koide S, Araç D. Neuron. September 2016

Frank Wen:  Explaining the geographical origins of seasonal influenza A (H3N2).  Wen F, Bedford T, Cobey S. Proc Biol Sci. September 2016

Erin Mowers: Novel insights into how autophagy regulates tumor cell motility.  Mowers EE, Sharifi MN, Macleod KF. Autophagy. September 2016

Aaron Hecht: Strain competition restricts colonization of an enteric pathogen and prevents colitis.  Hecht AL, Casterline BW, Earley ZM, Goo YA, Goodlett DR, Bubeck Wardenburg J. EMBO Rep. September 2016

Rajiv Nadadur: Pitx2 modulates a Tbx5-dependent gene regulatory network to maintain atrial rhythm. Nadadur RD, Broman MT, Boukens B, Mazurek SR, Yang X, van den Boogaard M, Bekeny J, Gadek M, Ward T, Zhang M, Qiao Y, Martin JF, Seidman CE, Seidman J, Christoffels V, Efimov IR, McNally EM, Weber CR, Moskowitz IP. Sci Transl Med. August 2016

Katherine Zhou:  Structures of the m(6)A Methyltransferase Complex: Two Subunits with Distinct but Coordinated Roles. Zhou KI, Pan T. Mol Cell. July 2016