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Our current MSTP students come from across the nation and from a variety of private and public universities and liberal arts colleges. 

Student Spotlight

Katie Long 

In an age of climate skepticism and “fake news,”  many of us in scientific professions are becoming more acutely aware of the need for greater scientific literacy among the general public. For our very own Katie Long, a G3 in Dr. Sliman Bensmaia’s lab, this has been a longstanding mission since well before the current political moment.


2018-2019 MSTP Students
Name Status PhD Specialization PI Research Topic/Thesis Title PhD Year
Rebecca Abraham G2 Immunology Marcus Clark    
Saara-Anne Azizi G2 Chemistry Bryan Dickinson    
David Banks M1        
Anya Bershad M4 Integrative Neuroscience Harriet de Wit The Role of the Opioid System in Mediating Responses to Social Stimuli 2017
Jeffrey Bunker M2 Immunology Albert Bendelac Commensal-Specific Immunoglobulin A 2018
Daniel Camacho G5 Immunology Anne Sperling Mechanisms of IL-33 and IRF4-dependent airway inflammation  
Sofija Canavan G5 Computational Neuroscience Dan Margoliash The role of sleep in the initiation, learning and maintenance of bird song  
Benjamin Casterline M2 Immunology Julie Wardenburg Niche establishment by Bacteroides fragilis 2018
Meytal Chernoff G2 Public Health Sciences Brandon Pierce    
Justin Chew M3 Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology Mike Rust The role of environmental noise in the evolution of cyanobacterial circadian clocks 2017
Michael Clark G4 Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics Eduardo Perozo The structural basis of electromechanical coupling in voltage-gated ion channels  
John Coukos G3 Chemistry Ray Moellering    
Emily Cullum G2 Immunology Tatyana Golovkina    
Wenli Dai G3 Biophysics Francisco Bezanilla/ Chris Weber    
Sarita Deshpande M1        
Sylvia Edoigiawerie M1        
Reem Elorbany G3 Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology Yoav Gilad    
Blake Flood G4 Immunology Thomas Gajewski    
Mary  Frith G1 Molecular Metabolism & Nutrition      
Nina Gao M4 Public Policy (MeSH) David Meltzer “What Gets Measured (Gets Done): Essays on Healthcare, Policy and Perils of the Subjective made Objective”   2018
Hendrik  Glauninger G1 Biophysical Sciences      
Alexander Guzzetta G5 Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology Ivan Moskowitz Characterizing a novel role for hedgehog signaling in the cardiogenic mesoderm to control early cardiac development  
Grace Hansen G2 Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology Marcelo Nobrega    
Aaron Hecht M4 Microbiology Julie Wardenburg "Pathogenic niche establishment of Bacteroides fragilis" 2016
Phillip Hsu M2 Immunology Chuan He Role of post-transcriptional modifications in the immune response to viruses  2018
Yifei Hu G1 Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics      
Anthony Hung G1  Genetics, Genomics & Systems Biology      
Alan Hutchison M4 Biophysics Chuan He/Aaron Dinner "Improved statistical methods for analyzing circadian rhythms in high-throughput data" 2016
Molly Imgruet G3 Cancer Biology Megan McNerney    
Jennifer Jacobsen M4 Immunology Barbara Kee Role of Ezh2 in lymphocyte development 2017
Matthew Jones M4 MSTP NIH Oxford/Cambridge Program   2014
Matthew Jotte M1        
Megan  Kennedy G1  Ecology & Evolution      
David Koren M3 Neurobiology Wei Wei Mechanisms of neurotransmitter co-release in the retinal direction-selectivity circuit 2017
Somin Lee G2 Neurobiology Wim Van Drongelen    
Victoria Lee G5 Immunology Pete Savage Self-specific T cell response in tumor immunity  
Katie Long G4 Computational Neuroscience Sliman Bensmaia    
Maya Lozinski M1 Public Policy (MeSH)      
Kaitlin McLean G4 Development, Regeneration & Stem Cell Biology Marcus Clark The role of Brwd1 in Chromatin Remodeling and Accessibility at the lgk Locus  
Christine Miller G3 Immunology Pete Savage    
Andrew  Molina          
Alexis Monical G1 Computational Neuroscience      
Rangarajan Nadadur M3 Development, Regeneration & Stem Cell Biology Ivan Moskowitz TBX5 and the Genetics of Atrial Fibrillation 2017
Victoria Okuneye G4 Computational Neuroscience Sarah Keedy Investigation of Brain Networks associated with Abnormal Prediction Error Response and Delusion in Psychosis  
Ramya Parameswaran M2 Biophysics Bozhi Tian/Erin Adams Modulating TCR Activation with Silicon Nanostructures 2018
Amrita Ramesh M1        
Sylvia Ranjeva M3 Ecology & Evolution Sarah Cobey/ Greg Dwyer Mechanisms of Diversity in the Ecological Community of Human Papillomavirus 2018
Donald Rodriguez G2 Immunology Peter Savage    
Ian Roundtree M3 Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics Chuan He   m6A-Dependent Gene Regulation by Nuclear Protein YTHDC1 2017
Sara  Saheb Kashaf G1  Microbiology      
Gabriel Salzman M3 Biophysics Demet Arac-Ozkan/ Shohei Koide Principles of drug target validation and biopharmaceutical discovery to the field of adhesion G protein-coupled receptors (aGPCRs) 2017
Nicelio Sanchez-Luege M2  Development, Regeneration & Stem Cell Biology Ilaria Rebay Stabilization of Cell Fate by the Abelson Kinase During Terminal Differentiation of Photoreceptor Neurons 2018
Kishan Sangani G2 Immunology Bana Jabri    
Arup Sarma M4 Computational Neuroscience David Freedman "Learning-Dependent Plasticity of Visual and Cognitive Encoding in Parieto-Frontal Networks" 2015
Mat Schnorenberg G4 Institute for Molecular Engineering Matt Tirrell/ James LaBelle A Potent and Specific Approach to Targeting B-Cell Lymphoma: Disrupting Malignant Protein-Protein Interactions Using CD19-Targeted Stapled Peptide Amphiphile Nanoparticles  
Caraline Sepich G2 Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics Chuan He    
Mario Shammas M2  MSTP NIH Oxford/Cambridge Program    
Dustin Shaw G3 Immunology Patrick Wilson/ Bana Jabri    
Neil Sheth M1        
Sarah Sun G1  Immunology      
Samantha Thomas M4 Human Genetics Yoav Gilad "Induced pluripotent stem cells as a model to study individual variation and comparative genomics" 2017
Sophia Uddin M2 Computational Neuroscience Howard Nusbaum How specialized for language are neural mechanisms in spoken word understanding? 2018
William Wagstaff G3 Cancer Biology Melody Swartz    
Andrew Wang G1  Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics      
Kierstin Webster M1        
Frank Wen M2 Ecology & Evolution Sarah Cobey   Ecological and evolutionary dynamics of influenza shaped by human immunity 2018
Alyson Yee G4 Microbiology Jack Gilbert Microbiome determinants of maternal-fetal health in preterm birth  
Zaina Zayyad G2 Computational Neuroscience John Maunsell/Jason MacLean    
Katherine Zhou M3 Biochemistry & Molecular Biophysics Tao Pan m6A recognition by RNA-binding proteins with low-complexity regions 2018
Allen Zhu G2 Cancer Biology Chuan He    
Oliver Zhu M1