Scholarly Opportunities

2021 Summer Research Program

2021 Summer Research Program

The 27th Annual Pritzker Summer Research Program proved to be another successful year of scholarship for a large number of second-year students. Funded in part by the NHLBI,  NIA, NCI, the Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence, and The Center for Healthcare Delivery Science. The Summer Research Program allowed students to work closely with faculty mentors across the clinical, translational, and basic sciences. Thanks in large part to the continued guidance of Drs. Vineet Arora, Sola Olopade, Funmi Olopade, Daniel Golden, David Meltzer, Rachel Wolfson, Erika Claud, and V. Leo Towle, the Summer Research Program has often given students a platform for ongoing research and a chance to present and publish their work on a national level.

After presenting their work to a panel of faculty judges, the following students were recognized for their excellence. The Pritzker School of Medicine would like to congratulate these second-year medical students:

The Joseph B. Kirsner Research Award for Excellence

Ashley Diaz
Mentor: Maria Madariaga, MD
Pulmonary Parenchymal Changes in COVID-19 Survivors

The Sigma Xi Award for Impact on Society

Nikhil Umesh
Mentor: Elizabeth Tung, MD, MS & Monica Peek, MD, MPH
Race/Ethnicity, Poverty, and the Geographic Distribution of Plasma Donation Centers in Cook County, IL

The Brain Research Foundation Award for Neuroscience

Sharbel Romanos
Mentor: Issam Awad, MD, MS
A Framework for the Study of Hemorrhagic Microangiopathy with Cerebral Cavernous Malformation as a Paradigm

The Healthcare Delivery Science Award

Stratton Tolmie
Mentor: William Parker, MD, PhD
Improved Overall Survival for all Candidates as well as Survival Benefit Amongst Highest Priority Candidates Undergoing Heart Transplant in the US

Overall Excellence in Scientific Quality, Content, and Ability to Respond to Questions in the Performance of Research in Clinical or Social Sciences

Alexis Cacioppo
Mentor: Stacy Lindau, MD, MA
Association of Food Insecurity with Experiences of Discrimination among Black/African American Parents and Caregivers of Children Hospitalized during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Maria Paz
Mentor: Trissa Babrowski, MD
Venous or PTFE Conduits: VQI Comparison of Post-Operative Outcomes in Patients Undergoing Above or Below-Knee Bypass

Overall Excellence in Scientific Quality, Content, and Ability to Respond to Questions in the Performance of Research in Basic Science

Liam Spurr
Mentor: Sean Pitroda, MD
Genomic Evolution of Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Under Selective Pressures Created by Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy and Immunotherapy

Jason Xiao
Mentor: John Alverdy, MD
Gut Microbiome Metabolites Modulate the Immune Response Against Bacterial Peritonitis and Improve Survival through the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor

Overall Excellence in Scientific Quality, Content, and Ability to Respond to Questions in the Performance of Research in Applied Science

Kristen Chalmers
Mentor: Julie Chor, MD, MPH
Trauma Responsive Abortion Care (On TRAC Study): The Abortion Experiences of Patients with a History of Trauma

Samantha Morris
Mentor: Arshiya Baig, MD, MPH
Barriers to Shared Decision Making about Intimate Partner Violence between LGBTQ People of Color and their Healthcare Providers

Honorable Mention for Excellence

Gabriela Betancourt
Mentor: Sarah Hoehn, MD
Perceptions of Palliative Care in Adolescents and Young Adults with Hematologic Malignancies

Maria Kaufman
Mentor: Mark Applebaum, MD 
Immune Response and Mesenchymal Cell State in Neuroblastoma

Nydia Kung
Mentor: Christina Ciaccio, MD, MS
Identification of a High IL-6 Phenotype of Asthma in Children and its Relationship to Omega-3 Fatty Acid Levels and Obesity

Theodore Lang
Mentor: Gabrielle Lapping-Carr, MD
Investigating MicroRNA Let-7c as a Risk Predictor for Acute Chest Syndrome in Sickle Cell Disease

Kevin Lazenby
Mentor: William Parker, MD, PhD
An Updated Estimate of Post-transplant Survival After Implementation of the New Donor Heart Allocation Policy  

Marco Rivas
Mentor: Anna Volerman, MD & Elizabeth Tung, MD, MS
Examining the Association Between Spatial Mismatch and COVID-19 Outcomes

Isaiah Selkridge
Mentor: Laura Lewallen, MD
Incidence of Fractures in Pediatric Population Before & During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Omar Vayani
Mentor: Mark Applebaum, MD
Epigenetics Facilitates Enhancer-Promoter Interactions that Drive Neuroblastoma Phenotype

Madison Weigand
Mentor: Paul Moore, MD
Changes in the Relative Proportion of Opioid-Related ED Visits during the COVID-19 Pandemic