Scholarly Opportunities

Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence

Each year, the Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence supports three to five medical students. These students will participate in research projects that explore the doctor-patient relationship, expose them to interdisciplinary programs, and allow them access to mentorship and publication opportunities.

Students who are selected will engage in a series of activities designed to look at issues in doctor-patient communication and clinical decision-making over a four year term (MS1-MS4).If the selected individual is an MD/PhD student, the student may be allowed to participate in additional years.

As a Bucksbaum Medical Student Scholar, students will engage in structured activities designed to:

  • Provide students with leadership skills and mentoring;
  • Give students opportunities to do research with faculty scholars of the Bucksbaum Institute throughout medical school career and beyond;
  • Give students opportunities to share their research work with other peers;
  • Give students opportunities to participate in interdisciplinary programs (electives, research experiences, or seminars);
  • Enhance students’ physician skills as advisers, counselors, and navigators to help patients make informed decisions when facing complex treatment choices;
  • Provide students with in-depth knowledge of collaborative medicine and the doctor-patient relationship; and
  • Enhance students’ skills in clinical scholarship.

The Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence Medical Student Scholars must demonstrate:

  • Strong academic record, including first-year medical school record;
  • Commitment to patients, collaborative medicine, and the doctor-patient relationship;
  • Commitment to clinical medicine and clinical scholarship;
  • Commitment to social justice, to improve access and quality of care, and to reduce health care disparities; and
  • Interest in interdisciplinary studies linking medicine to the social science and humanities.

Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence Medical Student Scholars are expected to:

  • Continue to pursue their interests in the doctor-patient relationship through specialized coursework, interdisciplinary programs and seminars available to them through the Pritzker School of Medicine;
  • Participate in quarterly Lab meetings, Annual Symposium (Fall), and other Bucksbaum programming; and
  • Participate in the mentoring initiatives put forth by the Institute.

Bucksbaum Medical Student Scholars are selected following acceptance to the Pritzker School of medicine, but prior to matriculation. Decisions are made following a review of the same application materials submitted to the Pritzker School of Medicine. While no additional material is needed, those with a special interest in the program are welcome to let this be known to the Pritzker admissions team. 

For more information, please visit the Bucksbaum Institute webpage.