Scholarly Opportunities

Global Health Certificate

The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP), the Center for Global Health (CGH), and the Pritzker School of Medicine (PSOM) at the University of Chicago have worked together to design a Global Health Certificate Program for master’s degree and medical students. 

The Global Health Certificate Program requirements build on the foundation of the curriculum required at each participating school. Individuals earning the Certificate will incorporate an emphasis on global health content through coursework and field experience, building upon a strong base of knowledge in their respective fields of business, law, medicine, public policy, or social work. The Global Health Certificate Program for medical students is modeled after the existing GPHAP program, with appropriate modifications to accommodate the PSOM curriculum.

Certificate Requirements for Medical Students

Two required courses:

  • Global Development and Social Welfare, which students take in the Spring Quarter of their MS1 year.
  • Key Issues in Health Care: An Interdisciplinary Case Studies Approach, which students take during their MS4 year.

Two elective courses (electives may be completed via any combination of the following options):

  • Two 4-week, non-clinical medical school electives;
  • One 4-week elective plus a 10-week course (e.g., Dr. Sola Olopade’s Introduction to Global Health or Topics in Global Health; Dr. John Schneider’s Global HIV/STD and Community Outreach; Dr. Brian Callender’s Global Public Health; or Dr. Renslow Sherer’s Health and Human Rights);
  •  A compilation of identified lectures in master’s degree level courses, plus one additional course;
  • Independent Study (IS) plus a 4-week course;
  • D4 Laboratory at Booth plus a 4-week course;
  • Social Venture Competition at Booth plus a 4-week course.

You are required to complete at least 1 out-of-country experience. For medical students, the out-of-country experience or the scholarly project that is part of the Scholarship & Discovery (S&D) Global Health Track may serve as the practicum. 

You must attend at least 18 lectures events throughout your tenure as a medical student, aiming to attend around 4-5 per year, or 1-2 per quarter.

Application Process

Interested Pritzker students will attend an information session to be coordinated by PSOM in January. Interested students will officially apply through GPHAP in February.

Application Components

  • Academic and professional background (transcripts and resumé)
  • Personal statement discussing interest in global health (2-3 pages)

CGH Global Health Scholars Fellowship

Students are eligible to receive support for international fieldwork through S&D and other fellowships that support mentored research at PSOM. All PSOM students who propose to conduct their SRP research project on a global health topic or who are in the S&D Global Health Track will go through the established funding review processes.