Student Life

Cap, Gown, and Hooding

At the Divisional Academic Ceremony, Pritzker School of Medicine faculty formally acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of graduating students by investing each student with an academic hood. This ceremony signifies the successful completion of the student's medical school training and welcomes graduates into the medical profession. The hood is a gift to each student from the Medical & Biological Sciences Alumni Association.

Renting Academic Attire:

All degree candidates must wear a cap and gown to both the University Convocationand the Divisional Academic Ceremony. Students must order their cap and gownby calling the University of Chicago Bookstore (773-702-7558), and ordering online.

The cost of cap and gown is $80, and the hood is a gift to the student.
Rented attire will be available to pick up at the bookstore.
Designated hooders may also rent their academic regalia through the campus bookstore. (Gown Rental is $80, Hood Rental is $47.00)

Hooding Guidelines:

  1. Hooding will be done by the student-elected Faculty Marshal or students may choose one of the following:
    • University of Chicago Faculty Member
    • University of Chicago Medical and Biological Sciences Division Alumnus
    • A member of the student's immediate family with an MD degree who is able to participate in the ceremony as detailed below.
  2. Students must register hooders through the Graduation Activities RSVP survey tool no later than April 5, 2019.
  3. Individuals who plan to hood graduates must wear academic regalia and are expected to march in the hooding processional and sit on stage.