Student Life

Health Care and Counseling

Visit the Get Help website for the University's official mental health, safety, and wellness resources.

Health Care Services

The Student Health Service (SHS) at the University of Chicago Medical Center provides comprehensive medical care for students. Care provided by the SHS is confidential. You will not be treated by fellow medical students, residents, or faculty who would also supervise your clinical performance. Students with concerns about seeking care (medical or mental health) at the University of Chicago will be assisted with outside referrals.

If you are doing summer research, you may use the SHS only if you pay. To learn more about payment options, please visit the United Healthcare Student Resources website.

Charges will appear quarterly on your University account, except during the summer.


The Student Counseling Service (SCS) provides consultation and short-term counseling services for students. Please contact the SHS Medical Director for further information about medical or off-campus referrals.

The University of Chicago has robust resources for mental health counseling, discrimination and sexual misconduct, bias response, and safety and security as illustrated in the Get Help website. Our Office of Student Affairs often works with students individually to decide what resources are best for them. In addition, our faculty and peer Ombudsmen serve as confidential student advocates and facilitators.

Health Insurance

All University of Chicago students must carry health insurance, but if you are covered by another plan, you may waive your student health insurance. The University requires students to carry medical insurance to ensure that they have appropriate medical coverage. Students must either purchase student medical insurance through the University of Chicago Student Health Insurance Plan (U-SHIP) or show proof that they are insured by an outside policy. If students do not make an active insurance enrollment or waiver decision by the deadline*, then you will be automatically enrolled in U-SHIP Basic coverage. Students may also purchase coverage for family members through the University's plan. The plan begins on September 1. You will be billed for this with your quarterly tuition.

View information on student health insurance

Disability insurance is mandatory for all enrolled MD and PhD students. Students’ disability insurance is carried by Rx Financial Resources Inc. The underwriters are UnumProvident Corporation.


As a reminder, Full-time and visiting medical students must present proof of immunity to the following:

  • Proof of immunity through blood titer to Measles (Rubella), Mumps, German Measles (Rubella) and Hepatitis B;
  • Proof of immunity through blood titer or vaccination to Varicella;
  • Up-to-date Tetanus/Diphtheria vaccination;
  • Screening for exposure to tuberculosis.

Failure to submit proof of immunization or vaccination will result in class registration penalties and reduced access to campus facilities (library, athletics, etc.) by the University Registrar.

Needlestick Procedures

If you are exposed to blood or other infectious material, follow this four step process:

  • Clean/Decontaminate
  • Page the needlestick hotline (188-9990) immediately
  • Inform your supervisor
  • Follow instructions of the UCOM Clinician

All infection control measures are funded by the medical school at no cost to the student. During orientation week students receive education regarding infectious and environmental hazards, bodily fluid exposures, needle stick policies and infection control. This training is reviewed extensively during the three day introduction to Clinical Biennium.