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We hope this mailing finds you well, safe, and rested! We have all been taking advantage of the change of pace as we’ve settled into our summer schedules. Since we last wrote to you, we’ve all been diving deep into our summer research projects! In addition, Maggie has been doing intense basement workouts in order to get strong enough to move all of her things into her newest apartment for MTV Cribs. Olivier has been busy perfecting his mile time and catching up on some writing projects while not losing his temper on Xbox Live. Manizha has been baking cakes, waging war with her balcony spiders, and trying to push her weekly long run just a bit longer.

Another favorite pastime of ours has become counting down the days until y’all are here to join us in all of the aforementioned pursuits and more. By our count, we are currently only 22 short days away from the official start of Orientation 2020! Our plan for orientation this year is to have a set of virtual events in conjunction with in-person small group events. Orientation will be packed with a lot of things to do! With that in mind, we encourage you to take some time towards the end of this month to take care of any last minute errands (internet connections, housing, banking, health insurance, financial aid, etc.) and to lounge around as much as possible. During Orientation, you will have the chance to get to know your classmates and the other current students here. Orientation will officially begin the morning of Thursday, August 6th with a Welcome by our wonderful Deans over Zoom.

You should have received information about creating your UChicago CNET ID ( As a reminder, this ID will serve as your University of Chicago email address and will also be the username that you will use to log into UChicago websites including (billing and administrative information) as well as the on-campus Wi-Fi network and more. Once you set up your CNET ID, you will have access to these websites and will also be able to go about setting up your University of Chicago email address.
Last but not least, in this third and final mailing is the following:

● Bios from our 2020-2021 Pritzker Chiefs

● A letter from Dr. James Woodruff, Associate Dean of Students, introducing you to the medical school’s Guiding Principles of Professionalism

● A letter from Dr. Callum Ross, director of the Human Body course

● A letter from the second-year Academic Co-Chairs about success in anatomy and general tips

● A letter from the Free Clinics Committee

● A letter from i2i, Pritzker’s Identity and Inclusion Steering Committee

● A letter introducing the library resources available at the University of Chicago

● A description of the medical equipment package that you will need during your time at Pritzker, and an example order/upgrade/opt-out form

● Information on student disability insurance

● A page on setting up Two-Factor Authentication, a University security system

● “Fun Flier” detailing some of the fun and adventure of first year!

We’re sure you’re all terribly sad to hear that this is the final Orientation mailing, as you won’t be able to look forward to receiving more thicc envelopes from us in your mailboxes. We would just like to wish you one final congratulations and hope that the final few weeks of your summer are truly wonderful. Feel free to reach out should you have any questions, comments, or concerns. Looking forward to seeing you in Hyde Park soon! We wanted to leave you with one last iconic Orientation Co-Chair photo. We three took a Buzzfeed quiz together and learned who we would be as High School Musical characters. We think they are pretty accurate! Enjoy the rest of your summers. Medical School is truly a journey, and we are the luckiest Co-Chairs in the world to help usher you all into medicine! See you soon, Wildcats!


Important Deadline Reminders: 

**University ID Photos**
In order to receive your University ID (which serves as a bus pass, gym card, library card, and more), please upload a photo of yourself at no later than July 28th. It should be a well-lit color photo with a solid, light colored background, like a passport or drivers license photo. More details can be found on the linked website. Again, the upload deadline is Tuesday, July 28th.

Many of you have reached out to say that you're having trouble getting your immunization requirements done by the deadline. If this applies to you (even if you have already told us), please fill out this quick form. This will help admin keep track of those of you having problems so they can better support you.

As always, please contact us at with any questions, comments, or concerns.

2020 Orientation Co-Chairs
Olivier, Manizha, & Maggie