Student Life

New Life Volunteering Society (NLVS) Clinic

The New Life Volunteering Society (NLVS) Clinic is a non-profit clinic that provides medical services for the uninsured community of West Ridge Chicago, where most of the population lives below the poverty line. The goals of the clinic are provision basic health care for chronic conditions, provision of health education to patients through discussions about proper, balanced diets and adequate exercise in managing chronic medical conditions, and provision of an educational environment for the training of medical students in healthcare. The patient population is predominantly South Asian, and the clinic is located south of Devon Street near Rodgers Park, at 2645 W. Peterson Ave. This is an exciting opportunity for students to practice clinical skills as first years and to be able to help serve this community. 

Contact: Mizna Akbar
Faculty Advisor: V. Ram Krishnamoorthi, MD, MPH, Department of Medicine

  • Conduct physical exam
  • Take patient history
  • Perform diagnostic tests including blood sugar measurements and EKGS
  • Present to attending physician

"Volunteering at NLVS not only hones our budding clinical skills but also whets our desires to serve as the services afforded to the patients through regular physician checkups and free medications. The free labs NVLS offers are meaningful and sustainable, especially for those patients who frequently return to the clinic to manage their chronic conditions." -Shirish Poudyal, MS17