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Pritzker Sibs Program | Voucher Request

The Pritzker Sibs Program comes out of discussions over the years with (a) students who have asked for more opportunity to be mentored by upperclassmen, and (b) students who have expressed a willingness to mentor others. Students at all levels of their medical school training have a wealth of knowledge and advice to share with peers, and we decided to use the current society infrastructure to help facilitate this mentorship.

Pritzker Sibs Vouchers

Beginning in winter 2015, the Pritzker Dean’s Council started using their surplus funding to offer two vouchers for each sib family to use. The goal of this funding is to help facilitate help subsidizing any event your sib family wants to plan.

  • The sibs vouchers are available at $25/person with no max on any sib outing
    • NOTE: This funding amount per person is subject to change, pending the Dean's Council budget vote on that will take place in October 2023. 
  • Encourage at least 4 sibs to participate in an event
  • Sib Families can request funding twice per year

To apply for a voucher, students must complete the form below. Requests are due at least one week (5 business days) prior to the proposed event. As a note, Dean’s Council funding does not reimburse alcohol.

(Last Updated Sept. 2023)

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