Student Life

The Pritzker Wellness Committee

  • Abena Appah-Sampong
    Abena grew up in Orlando, Fl and attended the University of Chicago for her undergraduate. After graduating she couldn't fathom the idea of leaving Chicago, so she took a year off to work in the city before joining the Pritzker community. Abena enjoys singing, practicing yoga, listening to music, and trying new foods.
  • Evan Braithwaite
    Evan grew up near Salt Lake City, Utah, and completed his undergrad at Brigham Young University. Before med school, he took a gap year where he juggled his very serious responsibilities of coaching rock climbing, traveling, and being a ski bum. Evan's favorite wellness activities revolve around the outdoors, but he also loves yoga, intramurals, reading, and exploring Chicago's food and arts scene with his classmates. 
  • Rahul Dadwani
    Rahul is from Dallas, Texas and attended Baylor University for undergrad prior to taking his talents up to Chi-town for medical school. Some of his favorite things include exploring Chicago through Bikes & Brunch, a fun weekly outing in which Pritzker students bike up to different parts of the city and enjoy the fantastic food scene that blesses Chicago. Also, he enjoys playing the ukelele, singing with "Say Ahh" (Pritzker's acapella group) and hiking/ exploring the outdoors!
  • Sean Pirkle
    Sean was born and raised in Suwanee, Georgia before anchoring down at Vanderbilt University. After graduation, he continued his journey north where he found his new home at Pritzker. In his free time, he stays well through playing intramurals, journaling, and imbibing local brews with friends new and old. 
  • Julia Finch
    Julia grew up in beautiful Denver, CO and attended Duke University for undergrad. She came to Pritzker after taking some years off and completing a post-bac in California. In her time outside of school, Julia loves exploring the various neighborhoods of Chicago in search of the best food, beer, and cocktails. She stays well by setting aside time for non-school-related reading, getting lots of sleep, and indulging in the occasional Netflix binge.
  • Josef Kushner
    Josef Kushner is from New York City and went to Cornell University. He loves going rock climbing at Brooklyn Boulders or trying any type of partner dancing. To balance out the physical wellness, Josef likes to get plenty of sleep, read for pleasure, and cook. He’s also an avid gamer, whether playing video games with old friends or board games with new ones.
  • Annie Rhee
    Annie Rhee grew up in Southern California and South Korea before moving to the east coast to study at Johns Hopkins University. She reached the decision to pursue a career in medicine late into college, and so went on to complete a post-bac program at Goucher College. Annie's strategies for staying well in medical school include keeping in touch with friends and family, prioritizing a restful night's sleep, and always making time for the arts!
  • Aaron Smith
    Aaron grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and attended Cornell University, where he studied biology and marine biology. In college he discovered the importance of finding balance in life, and joined one of Cornell’s 20+ a cappella groups. After graduating, he took one gap year to pursue activities completely unrelated to medicine, such as marrying his high school sweetheart, working in Chicago’s first cider pub, home brewing, and re-reading the Harry Potter series. Aaron’s favorite de-stress activities include singing in Pritzker’s “Say Ahh” A cappella group, and playing on way too many intramural sports teams.
  • Abbie Whitney
    Abbie Whitney is from Sartell, Minnesota and went to college at the University of Minnesota Duluth. She finally left Minnesota to come to the amazing city of Chicago and join the even more amazing Pritzker community. To stay well, she enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, being a self-proclaimed “foodie” (eating out a lot), and non-stop hanging out with friends.
  • Tiffany Bell 
    Tiffany Bell, from Louisville KY, attended Yale University and Yale School of Public Health before Pritzker. She loves it here and feels best when she is thinking about and involved in mentorship, community sexual and mental health work, and social justice. Her strategies for wellness and self-care include sleeping 8+ hours every night, watching at least one movie a week, talking to her parents and close friends outside of Chicago and seeing her friends in Chicago regularly. 
  • Michael Fishman 
    Michael “Fish” Fishman is from New Orleans and went to school at Swarthmore College right outside of Philadelphia. According to Fish, spending time with classmates, biking/running along the lake, and exploring the wonderful city of Chicago are all great ways to maintain wellness! 
  • Dustin Shaw 
    Dustin takes a light-hearted attitude towards wellness which you can get a feel for in the wellness newsletter "The Check Up." No medical school experience is complete without a good dose of laughter and amusement, which is something Dustin enjoys and supports as a member of the Wellness Committee. Aside from that, some of Dustin’s favorite "wellness" activities include exploring Chicago neighborhoods and being outside in the sun or snow.
  • Lucy Xu 
    Lucy grew up in the Atlanta suburbs and graduated from Amherst College in 2014. To stay well, she fills her windowsill with tiny plants, attends many potlucks, and makes time to keep up with old friends