Student Life

Wellness Initiative Grant

The Wellness Initiative at the Pritzker School of Medicine, under the direction of Wei Wei Lee, MD, aims to help students maintain a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy life as they make their way through the rigorous curriculum of medical school. We have set funds aside for small grants to fund events created by students to advance these aims.

*Friendly reminder that we are tax exempt, please find form here!

As COVID-19 continues to shape our experiences this year, it is important for our school to think about balancing the need for social distancing with the need to come together to create community.  In order to support both of these priorities, we are making some adjustments to the Wellness Grants.

There will be two options for Wellness Grants for the 2020-2021 academic year:

*Wellness grants must be submitted two weeks prior to the event for review and approval.

Apply for a grant (up to $100) to plan virtual events for your class or for all students at Pritzker (e.g. Virtual Cooking Contests, 5Ks, Trivia nights, Zoom Happy hours, etc.). We were very successful at putting on these virtual events in the Spring, so keep them coming! Use this link to fill out a few easy questions and submit your idea for Wellness grant funding).

Apply for up to $100 to plan small in-person get-togethers of up to 25 participants that comply with social distancing rules. Use this link to fill out a few easy questions and submit your idea for Wellness grant funding. The following guidelines for in-person events need to be followed:

  1. Events should not have more than 25 participants.
  2. Students must NOT participate if they have any concerning symptoms.
  3. Events can occur outdoors or at large indoor venues following COVID-19 precautions (e.g. Museums). At this time we are unable to approve funding for events that take place inside someone's home.
  4. RSVP required
  5. Attendance at the event should be taken (first and last name of participants), and emailed to Sheena Brown to facilitate contact tracing if the need arises.
  6. If your grant includes food:

              - Food ideally should be individually packaged or served

              - Indoors, Students must wear masks when not eating or drinking