Letters of Recommendation

An integral part of the Pritzker School of Medicine application is the letters of recommendation requirement. You may choose one of the following ways to satisfy the letters of recommendation requirement for the Pritzker application:

  1. Submit three or more letters of recommendation from individuals
    Three individual letters will fulfill the requirement. There is no maximum. Please try to arrange to have all of your letters arrive at approximately the same time. Your application will be considered complete when your first three letters have arrived and will be reviewed by the admissions committee at that time. Receipt of additional letters of recommendation after that time will not re-open your file for a second review.
  2. Submit a packet of three individual letters from a Career Counseling Center or Health Professions Advising Office
  3. Submit a Health Professions Advisor or Committee letter, with, or without, additional letters attached

    If your school provides a Health Professions Advisor or Committee letter service, and you choose not to use this option, you will be asked to explain your decision in completing our Secondary application.

Pritzker accepts letters of recommendation through the AMCAS Letters service. Should you run into any difficulty with your letters arriving, we will also accept letters via postal mail or alternate means of electronic upload (Virtual Evals, Interfolio). It is important to note that you are responsible for making sure that your letters have been received by our office. The "Application Status" link on the left-hand navigation bar of your Secondary Application portal will let you know which aspects of your application we have received.

The letters are an important part of the Admissions Committee’s efforts to understand your application and should be approached thoughtfully. If you are submitting letters of recommendations from individuals, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Seek letters from individuals who have insight into your intellectual and interpersonal strengths and abilities and can speak to your motivation, readiness and suitability for medicine
  • At least 2 letters should be written by individuals who can speak specifically to your potential for success in a rigorous science curriculum

Please email us with questions concerning our letters of recommendation requirements.