Faculty Development Workshops

Faculty Advancing in Medical Education (FAME) is a faculty development program sponsored by the Academy of Distinguished Medical Educators and the MERITS Program (Medical Education Research, Innovation, Teaching, and Scholarship). FAME supports faculty educators by providing resources and training in key conceptual and practical skills in teaching and assessment. Launched in 2011, FAME offers faculty development sessions each academic year.

  • Enhance faculty members’ knowledge of theory-based education and its practical application.
  • Enhance faculty skills in teaching and assessment.
  • Improve medical student and resident education.

By the end of the workshops, the faculty will be able to:

  • Establish a framework for practically applying workshop topics to their teaching venues.
  • Improve specific faculty teaching and/or evaluation skills.

Small Group Learning
May 10th at 3 pm (BSLC Suite 104 Conference Room)
Speakers: Dr. Robin Paige, PhD, MS & Dr. Anna Volerman, MD

Coaching in the Moment: A Goal Oriented Approach to Helping Your Students Reach Their Full Potential
May 19th at 12 pm (GCIS W301/303)
Speakers: Dr. Nicola Orlov, MD, MPH & Dr. Tia Kostas, MD