Frequently Asked Questions

  • We review applications on a rolling basis but once an elective is full, we are unable to accept additional individuals to that elective. As such, we recommend you apply early in the cycle, especially if you have a strong preference regarding the time period you'd like to rotate with us.


  • International medical students must have a specific faculty member willing to sponsor their visit, and be able to provide all required application components. For more information, please see reach out to the Center for Global Health.


  • Applications are reviewed for eligibility before being passed along to the appropriate departmental reviewers. At that point, your materials are reviewed in more detail and a determination is made as to whether you are a good fit for the rotation in question. We do not consider, and will not forward, emails or letters reiterating your interest in rotating at UChicago.



  • It is not possible for us to provide a specific length of time. We review applications centrally for eligibility, and then pass them along to the appropriate department for materials review. Each department has a different volume of applications and number of spaces available, so application review timelines can vary.


  • Please review the information available in VSLO and our Course Catalog for the elective to which you are applying. We are unable to follow up on incomplete/incorrectly completed applications - please ensure you have included/met all requirements ahead of submitting your application to a particular elective.


  • Yes, though some of our electives may give preference to applicants who have completed/passed these exams.


  • Please do not send communication to our office solely for the purpose of reiterating your interest in rotating at the University of Chicago. We will not include this type of communication as a part of your application. If the electives to which you are applying require additional written materials and you'd like to share more about your interest there, you are welcome to do so. We like to assume that because you have applied, you are interested in being here!


  • Due to the volume of applications we receive, we are not able to give regular updates about the status of an application. Please monitor your application status through VSLO.


  • It is your responsibility as an applicant to ensure your application is complete before submitting. We cannot follow-up on applications that are missing required information, and we cannot manually edit your application for you after you have submitted. Please pay attention to the application requirements of the rotations for which you are applying.



  • Acceptances are communicated through VSLO.


  • We require all visiting students to complete an application through VSLO. If the faculty member would like to accept you to their elective, they must do so through the formal application process like all other applicants.


  • In order to apply for the UiMVCP program, you must apply for the UiMVCP 99000elective AND whichever departmental electives you are interested in. UiMVCP application materials should be submitted when you apply to the UiMVCP 99000 elective - please do not email them to us. More information about the UiMVCP program can be found here.


  • Students are required to be covered by personal health insurance and institutional malpractice insurance in order to rotate at UChicago - this information is gathered via our VSLO verification questionnaire that is completed by your home institution.


  • You must be in your 4th year of medical school at the time of your rotation.


We don't have a specific time frame in which titers must be drawn. Titers must be positive, and a lab report is required. Verification of health information takes place after you have been accepted for a rotation. If a lab value is reported on your application materials as low or equivocal, you will need a booster. There are a few rare cases where an individual has completed a vaccine series multiple times but their titers remain low - non-responders. Non-responders will need a medical exemption from their physician after proof of completion of multiple series. We suggest you submit your application with the titer information you have, and work on getting necessary boosters/exemptions while your application is being processed. You can then provide the updated information when our Student Wellness team reaches out ahead of your scheduled rotation.



  • Applicants are notified when their application is accepted or denied through VSLO. Once you are offered a rotation and you accept that offer, communication from our office will come from to the email address listed on your application. We will reach out approximately one month ahead of your start date to request some additional information, and approximately 2 weeks ahead of your start date to notify you of your check-in time and location.


  • The department with which you rotate can provide specific dress code expectations. However, generally speaking, you should plan to wear a clean white coat and appropriate clothing/footwear, avoid the use of strongly fragranced products, and have your ID badge on your person at all times. (Clerkship contact information can be found under our Course Catalog.)


  • Please check with your host department prior to the start of your rotation regarding scrubs. Some departments are able to provide access to scrubs, others do not. (Clerkship contact information can be found under our Course Catalog.)



  • The only fee you are responsible for is our $26 student wellness fee, which is collected as part of the check-in process on your start date (check or money order ONLY; cash will not be accepted).


  • You are welcome to reach out to the department that has accepted you to inquire about altering dates, but this is only considered on a case-by-case basis depending on a variety of factors.


  • Please provide your evaluation directly to the individuals who should be completing the evaluation (typically, your preceptor). In the event you cannot reach a faculty member, you should reach out to the relevant department coordinator for assistance in ensuring your evaluation is completed. Clerkship contact information can be found under the course catalog


  • This should be communicated to and approved by your preceptor. Given the already brief nature of visiting rotations, our expectation is that you plan to be present for the duration of the rotation. That said, we understand that illness/emergencies come up, and expect that you communicate effectively with your preceptor when these issues arise.


Our Student Health team reviews the medical information you provided in your application once you are accepted to rotate with us, and will reach out to you directly if any information is missing or needs updates. You are not eligible to begin your rotation until you are cleared by their review process. We will reach out to you directly if there are issues preventing you from starting your rotation.


  • You may complete up to 8 weeks of electives with us (if accepted).
  • We are unable to provide information regarding the number of spots remaining in our listed rotations. We encourage our departments to let us know when an elective is full so we can close it in VSLO.
  • Generally, no. Any changes to rotation dates can be made at the discretion of the department with which you will be rotating. You are welcome to ask after acceptance, but know that this is not guaranteed and requires extra administrative work of the department. We recommend applying to rotations that fall on dates you are available.
  • No, we do not guarantee interviews.
  • The Pritzker School of Medicine does not endorse, facilitate, or recommend specific housing options for the duration of your stay. Please visit our Housing Options section to view resources that have been utilized by prior visiting students.
  • Parking is available in the medical center parking garage (currently at the rate of $18.00 for 6-24 hours, or valet parking at $25.00 for 6-24 hours). Street parking is also available on a limited basis. You may also reach out to the Parking Office at to inquire as to whether you are eligible for permit parking. More information about transportation and parking can be found here.