Certificate in Healthcare Delivery Science and Innovation

The Pritzker School of Medicine (PSOM) and the University of Chicago Medicine Center for Healthcare Delivery Science and Innovation have worked together to design a Certificate in Healthcare Delivery Science and Innovation for Pritzker medical students at the University of Chicago.

The Certificate in Healthcare Delivery Science and Innovation (HDSI) is designed to offer Pritzker medical students structured training in healthcare delivery sciences in the context of their four-year medical school program by leveraging the strengths of the University of Chicago Medicine Center for Healthcare Delivery Science and Innovation. The HDSI Certificate Program requirements build on the foundation of the required curriculum for medical students, incorporating additional coursework and field experiences in real-life healthcare settings and value-added role to emphasize healthcare delivery science and innovation principles.

HDSI Certificate Requirements for Medical Students

​​​​​​​Two of the following three courses are required:

  • MEDC 30114 Scholarship & Discovery Health Care Delivery Systems
    • 50 units, MS1 Spring Quarter
  • CCTS 46001 Quality and Safety
    • 50 units, typically offered in Autumn Quarter
  • MSBI 33400 Healthcare Delivery Science
    • 50-100 units, typically offered in Winter Quarter

Students may petition to substitute a similar course offered through another University of Chicago graduate school to meet this requirement.

Two elective curricular experiences (may be completed via any combination of the following options):

Students may petition to substitute an experience of similar effort to meet this requirement.

Required: At least 16 HDSI-sponsored events/lectures advertised through the HDSI listhost

  • Medical students must participate in at least 10 during their first two years of medical school
  • Participation in these events will be documented via a Google form or Redcap submission form that includes a brief reflection

Required: Present at the Quality & Safety Symposium at least once

Choose one from the following:

  • Lead a session of the HDSI Outcomes Research Workshop, co-sponsored with the center for Health and the Social Sciences (CHeSS) (
  • Lead the HDSI journal club (paired with a faculty discussant)
  • Apply for a Travel Grant through HDSI
  • Participate in a healthcare innovation event at MATTER (

For medical students, the scholarly project that is part of the S&D Health Services and Data Science/Healthcare Delivery Innovation Science tracks may serve as the practicum.  Please note, you do not need to be part of these S&D tracks in order to be eligible for the HDSI Certificate Program.

Participation in a Kaizen event will also count toward the practicum requirement.


Application Process

Interested Pritzker students will attend an information session coordinated by PSOM and HDSI in December. The application will open in December and close in February. First and second year medical students are eligible to apply.

Application Components

  • Student contact information
  • Student CV
  • Personal statement (2-3 pages) describing their interest in healthcare delivery science and how the certificate aligns with the student’s career goals

Certificate applications will be reviewed and approved by the HDSI Certificate Program committee.
Please contact Paige Fairchild with questions.