Incoming Application Process

Financial aid awards are made on a rolling basis. Accepted students will receive their financial aid packets by email during the admissions cycle. Applications are available following acceptance to the Pritzker School of Medicine.

  1. Pritzker Application. Following acceptance to our program, your Pritzker application will be email to your preferred email address as a part of your "Next Steps" email. Complete the Online Pritzker Financial Aid Application to be considered for Pritzker need based loans.
  2. FAFSA. Complete a FAFSA or Renewal FAFSA. You may complete the 2019-2020 FAFSA as early as October 1. You will use your prior prior year's tax return data to complete the early FAFSA process. The Pritzker School of Medicine FAFSA code is 001774. As a strong recommendation, please use the suggested IRS Data Retrieval mentioned in the FAFSA instructions. The IRS Data Retrieval tool allows the import of tax information directly from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) into the FAFSA.
  3. Alien Registration Card. Permanent residents of the United States must submit a copy of both sides of their alien registration card ("green card"). This needs to be done only once during the student's enrollment.

Note: We do not require parent or student tax returns unless the student is selected for verification. The Office of Financial Aid will contact you if tax returns are needed.

Congratulations on completing the steps needed to be awarded financial aid. Once you have made your final decision to attend Pritzker, you will need to take the following steps to complete your application.

  • Accept or Decline Award(Access available May 2019) You must first claim your CNET ID; Pritzkers Registrar will facilitate this process with you beginning in May 2019. Upon claiming your CNET ID you should access My UChicago to accept, decline or modify your financial aid awards. 
  • Master Promissory Note. All federal loans will be disbursed by the Department of Education. All students seeking Unsubsidized Stafford Direct Loans or Grad PLUS Direct Loans must fill out a Master Promissory Note (MPN) with the Department of Education. Select University of Chicago as your school. To complete your MPN, go to and sign in with your FSA ID and password. If you do not have a FSA ID, visit and complete the necessary steps. If you are borrowing Grad PLUS loans as well as Unsubidized Stafford loans, you will need to complete a separate MPN for your Grad PLUS loans.
  • Entrance Counseling. Before you can receive your first loan disbursement, you will need to complete entrance counseling. Entrance counseling is a requirement of the Department of Education and the University of Chicago. Entrance counseling explains the obligations you agree to meet as a condition of receiving a Direct Loan. To complete your entrance counseling, sign into using your Federal Student Aid ID and password. Select Complete Counseling and then select Entrance Counseling. If you are borrowing a Grad PLUS loan, you will need to complete the Grad PLUS entrance counseling as well.
  • Pritzker Loan Master Promissory Note Process - If you are taking a  Pritzker Loan for the first time please visit Upon accessing the website please be ready to enter "W87" for the school client code. All first time borrowers will receive an instructional email from ECSI that will include a PIN. Upon accessing ECSI you will need this PIN to authenticate your identity to complete your institutional loan requirements. 
  • Direct Deposit. If you will qualify for a refund, the fastest way to get your refund will be through direct deposit. Incoming students will be able to sign up for direct deposit after August 1st. Stay tuned to your UChicago emails for additional details in the meantime.

We strongly encourage all students to minimize their borrowing. Once the school year begins, you may make changes to your borrowing at any time up until 2 weeks prior to the end of the school year.  Please be aware that decreasing or canceling your loans may require you to make a payment to the university.

  • Decreasing Your Loans. After you accept your award package, you may decrease your loans at any time before it has disbursed. If you wish to do so, you will need to complete the Loan Revision Form and email the form to or fax it to (773) 834-5412. You may also drop the form off at the Financial Aid Office, 924 East 57th Street, 104W, or send it by regular mail.
  • Canceling Your Loans. After a loan has disbursed, if you wish to return a portion or all of your funds, you will need to cancel your loan. You have the right to cancel all or a portion of your Federal student loans. As above, you will need to complete the Loan Revision Form and send it to the Financial Aid office. Once we have processed the cancellation, you will need to pay the returned portion of your student loan via your UChicago account. Click here for payment information. All requests to cancel a loan must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the end of the academic year.
  • Increasing Your Loans. If you initially decline a loan or only take a portion of a loan, you may later increase your loan if you decide you need the funds. As above, you will need to complete the Loan Revision Form and send it to the Office of Financial Aid. All requests to increase your loans must be made no later than 2 weeks prior to the end of the academic year.

A student who wishes to appeal a financial aid decision should submit a letter to the Office of Financial Aid detailing the reasons for the appeal along with supporting documentation. All appeals are considered by Financial Aid Advisory Committee appointed annually by the Dean of Medical Education.