How the CPX Works

How the CPX works

Phase One: In the winter quarter of the third year, students will receive a notice of the date and time they are scheduled for the CPX. The CPX schedule is available on the Pritzker Clinical Performance Experience (CPX) Chalk Organization page. Students watch a recorded orientation and then rotate through several examining rooms. After each standardized patient (SP) encounter there is a computerized inter-station exercise to complete. In addition, there are a variety of skill stations using task trainer and simulation models. Upon completion of the cases and skill stations, students will be debriefed by a faculty member.

Phase Two: Phase Two of the CPX involves the self-assessment, which occurs after lunch. Students will view their encounters, review SP comments on the Interpersonal Assessment, assess their performance, and assess the CPX experience as a whole. Each student will choose one encounter for which they wish to receive personalized feedback as part of Phase Three.

Phase Three: In Phase Three of the CPX, students are assigned a faculty member to provide feedback on one of their encounters. Faculty will preview the encounter and assessment materials with the student, offering suggestions and feedback on how to continue to develop the student’s clinical skills.