Student Life

Name: Andrea Gomez

Year of Study:  MS1

Why wellness is important to me: Wellness is important to me because it is the foundation that keeps me sane when life gets hard and busy. I took 3 gap years and found a great work/life balance that I wanted to continue in medical school when it is hard to balance everything. I know if I can take care of myself, then I can also take care of others better. I want to ensure that classmates can also find the time to be well, prioritize their mental health, and have fun!

Why I'm on the committee: I joined the wellness committee because I love events that will gather us all together in various and fun ways, where everyone is laughing, smiling, and chatting away. Whether it's bowling, dancing, movie nights, potlucks, different people come out and you get to learn about everyone's interests and have conversations to get to know one another more. I want to help make possible the events that classmates want to do to take a break, relax and do something they enjoy, so we can all have great memories of our time in medical school.

Fun Fact: I'm a black belt in taekwondo!

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