Student Life

Pritzker Wellness Committee

What We Do: 

The MS2 Wellness Committee Representatives are Ceylon Auguste-Nelson, Zharia Crisp, Andrea Gomez, and Nitin Vidyasagar. We’re excited to promote wellness throughout your medical school journey. We are here to support you all!

The Wellness Committee is here for YOU to:

  • Design programming to celebrate, build and learn longitudinal skills for maintaining wellness throughout the medical school journey.
  • Promote mental health and wellness initiatives amongst Pritzker students.
  • Create opportunities for social connection within each class and amongst all members of the Pritzker community. 
  • Advocate for students when they feel that their mental health and wellness needs are not being met to the best of Pritzker’s ability. 
  • Be here as a resource and a listening ear when you are struggling!

Mission: The Pritzker Wellness Program strives to equip students with life-long skills to enhance their health and well-being by creating a culture that promotes reflection, compassion and the pursuit of joy on their path to personal and professional growth. 

Vision: The Pritzker School of Medicine embraces wellness as a core value and is committed to helping students thrive in medical school through tailored programming to enhance physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.  


How the Committee Works

Wellness Committee representatives from all classes regularly meet once a month to discuss each class’ state of wellbeing including common stressors, challenges, and frustrations. There are also Wellness reps who are designated to attend Dean’s Council and Identity and Inclusion (i2i) meetings to collaborate and advocate for Wellness initiatives. 

We then work together to discuss ways to promote wellness given these obstacles and how we can best support each class. This includes directing students to resources, planning fun events for students to relax and enjoy time away from studying, plan initiatives to build on different facets of wellness in medical school, and more!

    Our Current Goals:

    • Equip students with lifelong skills to enhance their health and well-being throughout their medical career. We aim to create a culture that promotes reflection, compassion, and the pursuit of joy on their path to personal and professional growth.
    • Reduce stigma around mental health and help-seeking during the challenges of medical school. We aim for students to feel comfortable and safe using resources that are available to augment their mental wellbeing, and to reduce the fear or shame surrounding asking for help.
    • Further our understanding of Pritzker students’ mental health needs and identify barriers faced when attempting to access mental health care students (e.g., cost, wait times, stigma). We plan to use this information to increase student access to mental health services and explore the potential utility additional resources.
    • Continue supporting the Pritzker community with initiatives such as the Wellness Challenge (weekly themed challenges for prizes), Pritzker I Screwed Up Series (faculty share moments when they made mistakes in their medical career and what they learned from these growing pains!), Wellness Newsletters, Humans of Pritzker, and Hump Day Coffee!
    Do you have an idea for an event or activity to further the Wellness Initiative at Pritzker? 

    Applications need to be submitted 1 week ahead of time and are quick and easy to complete! Let’s navigate and apply for one together! 

    Submit the Wellness Initiative Grant application here.


    Mental Health Sub-Committee

    The Mental Health Sub-committee serves to initiate programming to promote Pritzker students’ mental health and advocate for students’ mental health needs. Our goal is to promote the wellbeing of students by increasing awareness of and access to mental health services and resources available to Pritzker students. This committee meets monthly with faculty and staff.

    Past events hosted by the Subcommittee include: Let’s Talk About Therapy, Mental Health in the Medical Profession Panel, Pritzker I Screwed Up, and the Mental Health and Identity Series.

    2023-2024 Sub-Committee Members: Aleah Booker (M1), Juliana Byanyima (M1), Zosia Caes (M1), Luke Detlor (M1), Kenneth Wang (M1)Ceylon August-Nelson (M2), Zharia Crisp (M2), Andrea Gomez (M2), Nitin Vidyasagar (M2), Tony Liu (M3), Montserrat (Montse) Tijerina (M3), Meera Sakthivel (M4), and Rachel Son (M4)

    Resource Flyer - Student Managed and Compiled 

    Let's Talk About Therapy

    Past Wellness Events

    Put on by students for students (often funded through Wellness Grants)!


    Annual Pritzker Bake-Off

    Inspired by the Great British Bake-off, the highly anticipated PRITZKER BAKE-OFF is an annual event put on by the Wellness Committee. Pritzker students will compete in teams for Signature dish or Individual treats, and everyone can come taste delicious treats and put in their votes!

    Beach Day

    Wellness Reps and Pritzker Outdoors Club hosted the ☀️FIRST EVER BEACH DAY AT PRITZKER☀️! Students some fun-in-the-sun and an had an ⛱OPPORTUNITY FOR 2 FREE HOURS OF KAYAKING AND PADDLE BOARDING ⛱at the lovely Montrose Beach. 


    OBJECTIVE OF THE GAMEStudents goal was to place a sticker on their assigned 'target' classmate to advance to the next round. Last person standing (without being 'sticker'ed' won! 



    Fall-ing in Love with Art

    A night of arts and crafts for the M1 class featuring watercolor-based postcard making, acrylic painting on canvases, and coloring, and offering fall themed drinks such as hot-chocolate, apple cider and tea.

    Bowling Event

    Students enjoyed a night of bowling to get together as a community for a night of fun and relaxation.

    Brooklyn Boulders

    Students were invited to come show off their climbing skills (no experience needed) at Brooklyn Boulders, where the cost of climbing, shoes, and gear was covered by Pritzker Wellness and Grad Council!