Student Life

Name: Ehizokha (Ehi) Ihionkhan

Year of Study: MS4

Why Wellness is important to me: I have come to realize that my ability at any given time is highly correlated with my well-being. I perform at my best whenever I feel physically, emotionally, and mentally well. Also, I understand that I am dedicating a significant proportion of my life to become the best caretaker for my future patients. However, I don’t believe that commitment to our passion should come at the cost of our current happiness and comfort. By taking care of myself through this medical journey, I attempt to appreciate each moment as much as I can, while working towards my dreams.

Why I'm on the committee: The Wellness Committee helps me constantly become a more well-rounded, balanced individual as I try to help my classmates do the same.

Fun fact: I have gone sky diving before!

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