Student Life

Name: Meera Sakthivel

Year of Study: MS4

Why wellness is important to me: To put it shortly, wellness should be the most important thing in anyone’s life. Ensuring your own mental health is not optional, not only for your sake, but because it’s pretty difficult to show up for others without healing yourself first. Wellness is also important to me because it’s often uncomfortable to talk about. Interacting with your mental health can be a really vulnerable experience, which only highlights its necessity!

Why I’m on the committee: I joined the committee because I refuse to accept the idea that medical school has to be exhausting and painful, that it’s somehow a rite of passage. The prevailing messaging about mental health in medical careers in general is inadequate, and thankfully Pritzker seems actively invested in addressing that. After getting to know my peers, I’ve found that they’re all wonderfully generous people, and deserve to be given chances to look after themselves. Hopefully we can support that as a committee.

Fun fact: I’m pretty rad at any dance-oriented video games (Just Dance, DDR, you name it)!

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