Student Life

Name: Montserrat (Montse) Tijerina

Year of Study:  MS3

Why Wellness is important to me: Life (and med school) are hard sometimes! And between juggling academics, research, extracurriculars, and friends and family, wellness is key to me so that I can stay grounded and don’t lose myself in the process of getting an MD and starting my career. Being able to take a step back and do the things I love - without any stress associated with them - helps me gain a better perspective about why I'm doing the things that I do.

Why I'm on the committee: I chose to become part of our Wellness Committee because I want to bring levity to my classmates and my Pritzker community, especially when the going gets tough (spoiler alert - the going likes being tough in med school). I love seeing my friends smile - trust me, I can see it through their masks - and if there’s any way I can help improve their wellbeing, you bet I will do my best :)

Fun Fact: I really like swings! So when I pass by one of the many parks in HP, and there's no kids around - 100%, you'll probably see me fLyInG.

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