Student Life

Name: Nitin Vidyasagar

Year of Study:  MS2

Why wellness is important to me: Wellness is an important part of what makes us human: from the smiles we get while shaking it out to tunes or laughing it out over ridiculous movies or the more vulnerable moments when we lean on our communities for support. Wellness is important for me as I am reminded that despite the long hours we spend in medical school, it is important for us to maintain our sense of balance in wellbeing–physically, mentally, socially and emotionally. We cannot pour from an empty cup and celebrating wellness ensures we can consistently show up and support our future patients and communities. I celebrate wellness–whatever that may look like for our peers– as we move on in this amazing and profoundly life-changing journey in medical school.

Why I'm on the committee: Our class is full of the most brilliant, inspiring, funny and supportive folks I have met. Medical school is inherently challenging, and I am on the wellness committee to ensure our wholesome class can thrive and build community, memories and happiness throughout these years together. I am here on this committee because I care for and want to celebrate all the individuals and voices in our class to succeed and be happy in their careers as budding physicians.

Fun Fact: I love making balloon art and animals!

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