Student Life

Name: Tony Liu

Year of Study:  MS3

Why wellness is important to me: Wellness offers a road-map for the eternal question of what it means to live a "good life." Living within a world conditioned by systems that harm, wellness is one remedy, a vision that promotes flourishing, vitality, and justice — while also being a qualitative and quantitative measure for how to improve the lives of our patients. We want them to be well. Finally, medical education is challenging, and wellness offers an opportunity to navigate difficulty, find moments of meaning, and provide grounding amidst uncertainty.

Why I'm on the committee: Prior to medical school, I worked as a producer for NPR’s TED Radio Hour and On Being with Krista Tippett, where much of the storytelling I produced revolved around ideas and lived practices of wellness — what renewing inner and outer life might look like individually and socially. Now at Pritzker, I value wellness as I understand it as a means to provide care, support, and humanity for my classmates, my community, and friends.

Fun Fact: Alongside my life at Pritzker, I love cooking (I grew up in a Japanese restaurant in Orem, Utah), am a voracious consumer of sunflower seeds, and love my cast irons, dutch ovens, and instant pot.

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