Student Life

Name: Zharia Crisp

Year of Study: MS2

Why wellness is important to me: Wellness is important to me in order to feel balanced, healthy, and happy. I believe that time spent doing things that you enjoy is never time wasted, and we often need reminding that sleep, eating, and making time for the significant people in our lives are just as important as school. Medical school is inherently challenging and fast-paced, and my wellness is incredibly important to be able to succeed both in and out of the classroom!

Why I'm on the committee: I’ve always been passionate about the intersection of physical, mental, emotional, and social health in overall wellbeing- not just for patients, but for ourselves as medical students and future providers. For many of us (myself included!), it’s easy to push our wellness aside as an afterthought. I joined the Wellness Committee to center social and emotional wellbeing throughout med school, encourage bonding amongst our class, and normalize discussions on our mental health and the challenges faced in our journey through medicine.

Fun Fact: My favorite animal is the orca! They're incredibly intelligent, matriarchal, have unique communication abilities, and are family-based!

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