Away Rotations

Students choose to do away rotations as a way to learn more about a particular program or specialty. Most programs do not require fourth-year off-campus rotations, however, some specialties expect medical students to participate in away rotations prior to applying for residency. These specialties include Cardiothoracic Surgery, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Neurosurgery, Obstetrics-Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Orthopaedic Surgery, Otolaryngology, Pathology, Plastic Surgery, PMR, Radiation Oncology, Interventional Radiology, Urology, and Vascular Surgery. Pritzker students can participate in up to three away rotations; however maximum credit received will be for two away-rotations (third would be no credit, but appear on transcript.)  Away rotations should not be taken lightly. Prior to applying for away rotations, students should discuss their options with their career advisor.

Refer to the Away Rotations section of the current Residency Process Book for additional guidance on whether or not to do away rotations.

If you have any questions or concerns about Away Rotations please contact Dr. Woodruff or your Career Advisor.



    Application deadlines vary by medical school/medical center but generally begin in February and end in April.

    Many away rotations now use the AAMC Visiting Student Learning Opportunities (VSLO) application service. If you are applying to a VSLO school, email Registrar Michael McGinty if you have access problems.

    These are items confirmed by Michael McGinty for VSLO applications:

    • This student is in good academic standing at this institution.
    • This student has been instructed in OSHA safety measures and infection control precautions.
    • This student has a current BLS.
    • This student has completed a Mask Fit Test.
    • This student is taking electives for credit.
    • This student will pay tuition at the home school during the period indicated.
    • Medical liability and/or malpractice insurance will be covered by the home school during this elective time ($1M, $3M).
    • We require our student to hold personal health insurance.
    • This student will have successfully completed these core clerkships by the dates listed.
    • This student will be in his/her senior year at the time of the elective(s).
    • This student is expected to graduate in June (Year).
    • This student has met all immunization requirements or student health requirements as defined by our school.
    • This student has complied with HIPAA training requirements.
    • This student has completed a criminal background check at our institution.
    • This student has passed USMLE Step 1.

    Applications vary by each school or program, but in general students will need the following:

    • Curriculum Vitae (Sample CV)
    • Photo (email Michael McGinty if you would like to use your photo from the UC ID)
    • Letter of recommendation from faculty (sometimes required)
    • Transcripts: for VSAS, send an email request to Michael McGinty; for other applications request through
    • Certified immunization forms: bring forms to Student Health ServiceMichael McGinty can assist to scan and upload into VSAS if needed.
    • Current HIPAA Certification: download from Absorb learning account (under transcript):
    • Updated Mask Fit: please contact Student Health Service.
    • Current BLS Card:  Neal Hluska in UCSimulation can assist with duplicate card or schedule for BLS renewal classes.
    • Students can call Occupational Medicine at 773-702-6757, identify themselves as a Pritzker medical student and ask to schedule a drug screen for an away rotation.

    The Associate Dean for Medical School Education approves all off-campus rotations and assigns credits. This process must be done BEFORE you begin the rotation:

    1. Submit an Away Rotation Application with supporting documentation before the rotation begins to Michael McGinty. Make entries directly into form and then print. Do not print and fill out manually.
    2. Students will be informed by e-mail about disposition of application and number of credit units awarded.
    3. Upon approval, forward the Institutional Evaluation Form to the person evaluating your performance during the off-campus rotation.
    4. Complete post-rotation evaluation, which will be sent to you via a unique link after the away rotation is approved by the curriculum committee and the student completes the rotation.