Funding for Off-Site Clerkship Travel

Pritzker School of Medicine Program

Related to Third Year Clerkship Travel, there are two types of reimbursement programs offered by Pritzker:

  1. Off-Site Clerkship Travel (via Personal Car / CTA Transportation) Program Details: See Below!
  2. Early Morning Transportation Program Details: https:/ 

Off-Site Clerkship Travel (via Personal Car / CTA Transportation): This program was created to help subsidize Clerkship Travel expenses. 

-Process as of 2/1/2023-

If you drive your car to an off-site clinic for one of the required third-year clerkships, you are eligible for "Private Car Mileage" reimbursement. Additionally, we will reimburse for tolls and CTA/Metra, but we do not reimburse for parking or cabs. (Uber/Lyft reimbursement is available on a restricted basis - see Early Morning Transportation program details linked above).

The Clerkship Travel Reimbursement Request form (process detailed below) is due within 15-days of your clerkship ending – we recommend submitting as soon as possible, once the rotation has ended. Requests submitted after the 15-day deadline are subject to losing eligibility for reimbursement.

Step 1: Download and complete the Clerkship Travel Reimbursement Form (excel doc - Tab 1 Personal Car + CTA Transportation) form UChicago BOX. 

  • We have developed this document in order confirm dates with your clerkship coordinator/site and provide appropriate "back up" documentation for the University's Procurement and Payment office. All fields are required as indicated. 

Step 2: Complete the Clerkship Travel Reimbursement Request google form. This form will require the following to be uploaded: 

  • The Clerkship Travel Reimbursement Form (upload as an excel doc).

Once the google form is submitted, your reimbursement request will be processed. If any additional information is needed, you would be notified via email. 

Additional Note:
Check your Workday account to confirm you are signed up for direct deposit (the quickest way to receive your reimbursement). If you are not signing up for direct deposit, you'll want to confirm your mailing address is accurate for the reimbursement to be mailed out via check.

Autumn 2024 Submission Deadlines

Timeline for Reimbursement

To help students more accurately anticipate the payday of their reimbursement, we’ve developed the following deadlines for our reimbursement forms to be completed, following Payroll’s own processing deadlines Pritzker Admin has to abide by. 

Using the chart to the left

  • If the reimbursement google form is submitted by (or before) 7/1/2024 at 11:59pm, they will receive their reimbursement from Payroll on the 7/12/24 pay-date*.
  • If the reimbursement google form is submitted on (or after) 7/2/2024 at 12:00am, they will receive their reimbursement from Payroll on the 7/26/24 pay-date*.

*This timeline is assuming the correct information has been provided in the reimbursement google form. If the correct information was not provided (i.e. if the student needs to be contacted for additional information), then there is likely to be a delay in the pay-date the reimbursement would be processed in time for.