MSTP Admissions Timeline

Applicants to the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) apply through the regular AMCAS Pritzker School of Medicine admissions process. Upon receiving the Pritzker Supplemental Application, MSTP applicants should select "MD/MSTP" as their application type. MD/MSTP applicants will be screened by both the MD and MSTP Admissions Committees, and those favorably reviewed by both will be invited to a two day interview, typically the first day with the MD committee and the second with the MSTP committee.

We employ a holistic approach when evaluating applicants, and so do not have a minimum "cutoff" GPA or MCAT score for consideration. We encourage all applicants to focus on the depth of their research experiences and on obtaining excellent recommendation letters that emphasize their potential for success as a researcher and physician.

If an applicant is not invited for an MSTP interview, their application goes no further. Interviewed candidates who are not made an offer of an MSTP position may be considered for an MD-only position if they communicate an interest in pursuing this option.

Because of the nature of our rolling admissions process, it is still highly recommended that MD/MSTP applicants apply as early as possible in the application season.

MSTP Admissions Timeline

AMCAS Filing May 31 - November 15, 2019
AMCAS Deadline November 15
Supplemental Application Deadline December 2, 2019 at 11:59 PM CST
Letters of recommendation December 2, 2019
MD/MSTP Interview Dates

September - January

Preferred dates will be select Tuesdays (MD interviews) and Wednesdays (MSTP interviews)

Acceptance Notification Rolling Acceptance from October 15
Acceptance Response Deadline April 30, 2020

Your application...

All applications are evaluated by a member of our program leadership as well as by the Pritzker School of Medicine. If you are selected for interviewing, you will be contacted to choose from our available interview visit dates.

The interview visit...

Our interview process covers two days:

On DAY 1 candidates receive an orientation to Pritzker and the University of Chicago, a tour of the Medical Center, and are hosted at lunch by medical students. You will also meet with at least one member of Pritzker's faculty and administrative staff.

DAY 2 is devoted to the MSTP portion of your interview. We begin with breakfast and a presentation by Program Director Dr. Marcus Clark. You will then have up to six interviews with members of UChicago's research faculty and MSTP Leadership. You are strongly encouraged to request faculty members whose work is of particular interest to you. 

You will also have several opportunities during your visit to meet informally with current MSTP students, to converse and ask questions about the program, the University, and life in Chicago.

Once your visit is scheduled, we will email you with more information and to ask for your faculty requests. While we cannot guarantee interviews with all of your requested faculty, we do our best to fill out your schedule with faculty in your field(s) of interest and MSTP Admissions Committee members.

After your interview...

Our Admissions Committee meets to discuss all interviewed applicants and you will be notified of their initial decision by mail. If you are placed under continued review, your application is still being considered and we strongly encourage you to keep us informed of your interest in the program and of any updates that may help with our decision. We provide applicant reimbursement for travel expenses for allowable costs. If selected for an interview, you will receive more details. 

Notification of Decision

The MSTP has a rolling acceptance process. Our Admissions Committee meets several times during the interview season to discuss applicants and make decisions regarding acceptances and holds. If your application is placed on hold after your interview, it is still under review and we strongly encourage you to stay in touch and send us updates regarding your academic performance, research, and interest in the University of Chicago.

Note: Accepted MSTP trainees are automatically enrolled into the Interdisciplinary Scientist Training Program (ISTP) for their PhD research and transition to the graduate portion of their work during their first two years of medical school. 

Name/Title Contact
Shanetha Thomas
MSTP Administrative Director of Admissions & Student Programs

Name/Title Contact
Sarah Laloggia
MSTP Training Grants & Student Aid Coordinator