John D. Arnold Scientific Research Prize

The John D. Arnold Scientific Research Prize is a facet of the Fentress Research Fellowship; Arnold Prize recipients are chosen from the subset of Fentress applicants for their demonstrated sustained relationship with their mentor. This award was established by a grateful alumnus, Dr. Charles Pak, in recognition of the impact his mentor had on his education and future research career. The Arnold Scientific Research Prize recognizes students whose research accomplishments as medical students are based on ongoing, sustained work with a faculty mentor. The goal of the Arnold Scientific Research Prize, much like the Fentress, is to provide support for the continuation of this research during the fourth year of medical school.

The following students—and their faculty mentors—are the recipients of the Arnold Scientific Research Prize. Each student will receive $2,000 to pursue a scholarly project and will present their findings during the annual Senior Scientific Session. At the time of the event, we will also recognize each mentor by presenting the John D. Arnold, MD Mentor Award for sustained excellence in mentoring medical students.

Student: Raj Bhanvadia, MS4
Mentor: Donald Vander Griend, PhD

Student: Sean McGuire, MS4
Mentor: Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD

Student: Luai Zakaria, MS4
Mentor: Dana Suskind, MD