Pritzker and NorthShore Fellowships FAQ

Q. Why is the application limited to second- and third-years?

A. The application is limited to those who have completed two years at the Pritzker School of Medicine. The purpose is to give students ample time to develop their interests in research, community service, or international experiences. Because of the size of the award, this level of investment should be provided to an individual who has already demonstrated significant interest in one of these areas and a capacity to bring projects to fruition.

Q. How are fellows selected?

A. Fellows will be selected by a faculty committee.

Q. What is the committee looking for in the applications?

A. The committee is looking for a well thought through program of study or research project, and a strong relationship with an appropriate faculty mentor who is invested in the student.

Q. How detailed should the budget be?

A. The budget can contain a general overview of broad categories. However, enough detail about the program and the budget should be provided so that the committee can evaluate whether the budget is realistic.

Q. Are there stipulations on what funds should be used for (research, travel, living expenses, expenses for self or for family)?

A. There are no stipulations on how the funds should be used. If the student wants to use the money to support living expenses for the year, that is acceptable. However, students will be called upon to report how they used the money by providing information in general categories.

Q. How do I select an advisor for the fellowship?

A. Students should select an advisor whose career/track record is closely matched to their own research and future career interests. The advisor should also be able to provide sufficient time to mentor and support the student during the year.

Q. Is there a word limit for application and for faculty sponsor letter?

The application should not exceed 5 pages. The faculty sponsor letter should be 1-2 pages.

Q. If selected, what should the interim report contain?

If selected for the fellowship, students will be required to provide an interim report at six months. The interim report should include a description of activities undertaken over the transpired period and a description of plans for the remaining period of support. The student’s research advisor should also provide information about his or her work with the student.