Global Health Programs

The Pritzker School of Medicine offers students the opportunity to take part in a variety of global health programs through the Scholarship and Discovery Global Health Scholarship Track and the Global Health Scholarships as well as through student organizations such as REMEDY (Recovered Medical Supplies for the Developing World) and IMIG (International Medicine Interest Group).

    To learn more about Global Health programs taking place throughout campus, visit the University of Chicago Center for Global Health website.

    The school encourages students to apply for programs sponsored by international or national organizations. For a listing of global health resources and opportunities please visit the links below.

    The Graduate Program in Health Administration and Policy (GPHAP), the Center for Global Health (CGH), and the Pritzker School of Medicine (PSOM) at the University of Chicago have worked together to design a Global Health Certificate Program for master’s degree and medical students.

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    The Global Health Scholarships are dedicated to the enrichment of medical education in global health at the Pritzker School of Medicine. These scholarships, supported by the Keith Edson Fund as well as the generous donations of our alumni, were established to promote service or research in global health.

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    Travelling internationally while at Pritzker? Click here to review the Global Health Travel Checklist.

    Pritzker School of Medicine International Travel Policy and Guidelines

    Many locations where students can receive rich educational experiences are in parts of the world that may pose particular risk to students’ health and security. The following guidelines were established to support students desire to participate in these experiences, while protecting their safety and the integrity of the institution: 

    • All medical students who travel abroad in association with the University of Chicago Pritzker School of Medicine must complete the PSOM Global Health Checklist six weeks prior to departure. Students and their affiliated organizations that fail to complete this checklist will not be eligible to receive university funding or course credit. This policy applies to:
    1. Trips sponsored by University of Chicago student organizations
    2. Programs administered or sponsored by the Pritzker School of Medicine or UCM faculty (including but not limited to the Global Health Scholarships)
    3. Any international experience for which a student hopes to receive course credit
    • The Pritzker Schoolof Medicine will not sanction student travel to countries on the U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings and Public Announcements list unless the student is traveling to a Center for Global Health affiliated site and/or receives approval from the Center for Global Health. Students interested in traveling to a country on the U.S. Department of State Travel Warnings and Public Announcements should contact Sola Olopade, Associate Director of the Center for Global Health.
    • Medical students traveling abroad must adhere to the University of Chicago Medicine Scope of Practice guidelines in order to maintain malpractice coverage through the UCM. Medical students must not practice medicine, as defined by the Illinois Medical Practice Act and must be appropriately supervised by licensed attending physicians when participating in patient care. Students who do not abide by the UCM scope of practice guidelines may not be covered by UCM malpractice insurance in the case of an adverse outcome.

    Global Health Resources

    The following list of resources was compiled by the Pritzker School of Medicine International Medicine Group, a student-run organization dedicated to promoting awareness of global health issues on campus and supporting fellow medical students seeking to volunteer, work or travel abroad.