UChicago MSTP: Our Students

Our current MSTP students come from across the nation and from a variety of private and public universities and liberal arts colleges.

UChicago's MSTP currently supports 78 total students from across the U.S. and from a variety of academic backgrounds. Approximately 50% are completing the MD and the other 50% are completing the PhD at any one time. We welcome cohorts of ~9-10 new students annually, and new students begin in summer quarter (mid-June). Some of our students complete one or more gap years prior to entering, while others begin directly following their undergraduate studies.

Our MSTP values a supportive community of students through a structured peer mentoring program (MSTP Sibs), student-led social events, faculty talks, an annual all-program retreat, networking and career exploration opportunities, service and outreach in the surrounding Hyde Park neighborhood and other geographic areas, as well as many other aspects of student life. 

Learn more about students' research interests here: PhD Dissertations

Name MSTP Year PhD Specialization PhD Mentor
Adegbesan, Kendra M1 TBD TBD
Brunner, Tess M1 TBD TBD
Caes, Zofia (Zosia) M1 TBD TBD
Martin, Samuel M1 TBD TBD
Miao, Bernadette M1 TBD TBD
Onate, Alejandro (Alex) M1 TBD TBD
Richardson, Hunter M1 TBD TBD
Vale, Nolan M1 TBD TBD
Wang, Peter M1 TBD TBD
Woo, Yena M1 TBD TBD
Zhang, Andrew M1 TBD TBD
Name MSTP Year PhD Specialization PhD Mentor
Ayantoye, Idris G1 ISTP (Neurobiology) Demet Arac-Ozkan
Berrian, Nia G1 ISTP (Neurobiology) Monica Rosenberg
Chang, Kevin G3 ISTP (PME) Jeff Hubbell
Cozzi, Joseph G2 ISTP (Medical Physics) Maryellen Giger
Davis, Maura G1 ISTP (Computational Neuroscience) TBD
Ibeh, Udoka G1 ISTP (Immunology) Aaron Esser-Kahn
Li, James G3 ISTP (Public Health Sciences) Dezheng Huo
Li, Grace G1 ISTP (Cancer Biology) TBD
LoRocco, Nicholas (Nick) G1 ISTP (Neurobiology) TBD
Maheshwari, Nikita G3 ISTP (Immunology) Pete Savage
Melanson, Randy G2 ISTP (Immunology) Barbara Kee
Nakshatri, Swetha G3 ISTP (Cancer Biology) Eileen Dolan
Norton de Matos, Salvador G1 ISTP (PME) Jeff Hubbell
Panda, Arpit G3 ISTP (Immunology) Chuan He
Phillips, William G1 ISTP (Cancer Biology) Lixing Yang
Root, Sarah G1 ISTP (Biochem/Molecular Biophysics) Margaret Gardel/Aaron Dinner
Skaggs, Keith G1 ISTP (Neurobiology) Murray Sherman
Song, Steven G1 ISTP (Computer Science) Bob Grossman
Taylor, Hannah G1 ISTP (Immunology) TBD
Thome, Jason G2 ISTP (Chemistry) Scott Snyder
Woo, Elizabeth (Geena) G1 ISTP (Genetics/Genomics/SCB) Yoav Gilad
Yeh, Hugh G1 ISTP (PME) Andrew Ferguson/Jun Huang
Yousef, Mahmoud G3 ISTP (Ecology and Evolution) Seppe Kuehn
Name MSTP Year PhD Specialization PhD Mentor
Berg, Brendan G4 ISTP (PME) Jeffrey Hubbell
Cassella, Gabriel G4 ISTP (Genetics/Genomics/SCB - Computational) Marcus Clark & Maryellen Giger
Cipurko, Denis G4 ISTP (Immunology) Nicolas Chevrier
Jotte, Matthew G5 ISTP (Cancer Biology) Megan McNerney
Lin, Kyle G4 ISTP (Biophysical Sciences) Allan Drummond/ Allison Squires
Lozinski, Maya G5 MESH TBD
Malik, Hagerah G4 ISTP (Neurobiology) Demet Arac
Martinez, Tanner G4 ISTP (Immunology) Megan McNerney
Ramesh, Amrita G5 ISTP (Biochem/Molecular Biophysics) Erin Adams
Son, Sophie (Seul) G4 ISTP (Immunology) Eric Pamer
Viswanathan, Mayuri G4 ISTP (Immunology) Erin Adams
Webster, Kierstin G5 ISTP (Molecular Metabolism & Nutrition) Raghu Mirmira
Wright, Nathaniel G4 ISTP (Immunology) Marcus Clark
Zhu, Ou (Oliver) G5 ISTP (Computational Neuroscience) David Freedman
Name MSTP Year PhD Specialization PhD Mentor
Abraham, Rebecca M4 ISTP (Immunology) Marcus Clark
Ahmad, Raheel  M2 ISTP (PME) TBD
Azizi, Saara-Anne M4 ISTP (Chemistry) Bryan Dickinson
Chernoff, Meytal M4 ISTP (Public Health Sciences) Brandon Pierce
Coukos, John M3 ISTP (Chemistry) Ray Moellering
Cullum, Emily M3 ISTP (Immunology) Tatyana Golovkina
Deshpande, Sarita M2 ISTP (Neurobiology) Wim Van Drongelen
Edoigiawerie, Sylvia M2 ISTP (Neurobiology) Naoum (Norm) Issa
Frith, Mary M2 ISTP (Molecular Metabolism & Nutrition) Eugene Chang
Glauninger, Hendrik M2 ISTP (Biophysical Sciences) Allan Drummond/Tobin Sosnick
Hansen, Grace M4 ISTP (Genetics/Genomics/SCB -Computational) Marcelo Nobrega
Hu, Yifei M3 ISTP (Biochem/Molecular Biophysics) Jun Huang
Hung, Anthony M3 ISTP (Genetics/Genomics/SCB -Computational) Yoav Gilad
Kataria, Rhea  M2 Chemistry/ Ox-Cam NIH
Kennedy, Megan M2 ISTP (Ecology and Evolution) Eugene Chang/Joy Bergelson 
Lee, Somin "Min" M3 ISTP (Neurobiology) Wim Van Drongelen
Leon, Daniel M2 ISTP (Biochem/Molecular Biophysics) TBD
Long, Katie M4 ISTP (Computational Neuroscience) Sliman Bensmaia
Molina, Andrew M2 ISTP (Biophysical Sciences) Tobin Sosnick/ Benoit Roux
Monical, Alexis M2 ISTP (Neurobiology) Dan McGehee
Ramirez-Matias, Julliana M2 ISTP (Neurobiology) TBD
Rodriguez, Donald M3 ISTP (Immunology) Pete Savage
Sangani, Kishan M3 ISTP (Immunology) Bana Jabri
Sepich, Caraline M3 ISTP (Biochem/Molecular Biophysics) Chuan He
Shammas, Mario M3 NIH OxCam NIH
Shaw, Dustin M4 ISTP (Immunology) Patrick Wilson/Bana Jabri
Sheth, Suraj (Neil) M3 ISTP (Ecology and Evolution) Luis Bettencourt
Sun, Sarah M3 ISTP (Immunology) Bana Jabri and Luis Barreiro
Wagstaff, William M2 ISTP (Cancer Biology) Tong-Chuan He
Wang, Andrew M2 ISTP (Biochem/Molecular Biophysics) Savas Tay
Zhu, Allen M4 ISTP (Cancer Biology) Tong-Chuan He