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Wellness Initiative Grant

The Wellness Initiative at the Pritzker School of Medicine, under the direction of Wei Wei Lee, MD, aims to help students maintain a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy life as they make their way through the rigorous curriculum of medical school. We have set funds aside for small grants to fund events created by students to advance these aims.


  • Wellness grant requests can be initiated by individuals or small groups of interested students; these requests are usually independent of affinity groups or student organizations, who should request funding from the Dean's Council instead.
  • Wellness grant funding is typically used for resources designed to help students promote well-being and community building.


  1. Requests due at least two weeks prior to the proposed event.
  2. Events that are funded by a Wellness Initiative Grant must be advertised on the Pritzker Calendar of Events and on the student listservs. Events must be open to the whole class, multiple classes, or the entire student body. 
  3. Events cannot conflict or interfere with the Pritzker medical curriculum.
  4. The maximum amount of a Wellness Initiative Grant is $100, and funds cannot be used for the cost of tickets or gas. 

If you have questions, please email Sheena Brown.


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Please keep in mind that the proposed event should not conflict with the MS1 and MS2 course schedule or other events included in on the Pritzker Events Calendar. Also, if you are approved for funding, we will ask you to provide us with feedback following the event.