2015 Summer Research Program

The 21st Annual Pritzker Summer Research Program proved to be another successful year of scholarship for a large number of second-year students. Funded in part by the NHLBI, NIDDK, NIA, The Arnold P. Gold Foundation and the Bucksbaum Institute for Clinical Excellence, the Summer Research Program allowed students to work closely with faculty mentors across the clinical, translational, and basic sciences. Thanks in large part to the continued guidance of Drs. Vineet Arora, Eugene Chang, William McDade, David Meltzer, and V. Leo Towle, the Summer Research Program has often given students a platform for ongoing research and a chance to present and publish their work on a national level.

After presenting their work to a panel of faculty judges, the following students were recognized for their excellence. The Pritzker School of Medicine would like to congratulate these second-year medical students:

The Joseph B. Kirsner Research Award for Excellence

Luai Zakaria
Mentor: Dana Suskind, MD
Technological Innovations to Scale-up the Thirty Million Words Initiative

The Sigma Xi Award for Impact on Society

Sean McGuire
Mentor: Ernst Lengyel, MD, PhD
Fascin Is a Potential Novel Therapeutic Target in Ovarian Cancer

The Brain Research Foundation Award for Neuroscience

Austin Blum
Mentor: Jon Grant, MA'87, JD, MD, MPH
Neurocognitive Correlates of Internet Gambling

Overall Excellence in Scientific Quality, Content, and Ability to Respond to Questions in the Performance of Research in Clinical Science

Ren Belcher
Mentor: Michael Msall, MD
Cognitive Decline is Attenuated in Very Preterm Infants Receiving State-Provided Early Intervention

Ellie Proussaloglou
Mentor: Jonas de Souza, MD
Cost Communication Preferences and Financial Toxicity in Cancer Patients

Kathleen Wiest
Mentor: Vineet Arora, MD, MA'03
Hospital Horror Story: Situational Awareness to Assess Interns' Recognition of Hospital Hazards

Overall Excellence in Scientific Quality, Content, and Ability to Respond to Questions in the Performance of Research in Basic Science

Sonja Boatman
Mentor: Olufunmilayo Olopade, MD
A Long Noncoding RNA Promotes Anti-apoptotic Phenotype in Basal-like Breast Cancer Cells

Farida Esaa
Mentor: Rima McLeod, MD
Towards Curing Toxoplasmosis: In vitro Testing of a Novel Scaffold

Christine McIntosh
Mentor: Marisa Alegre, MD, PhD'93
The Interplay between the Gut Microbiota and Alloimmunity

Honorable Mention for Excellence

Annabel Boeke
Mentor: Jaqueline Bernard, MD
Optical Coherence Tomography as a Biomarker for Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease

Madison Crocker
Mentor: Mari Egan, MD, MHPE
Medical Student Demand for Part-Time Residency Training Options

Ellen Daily
Mentor: Sangtae Park, MD, MPH
Comparing Cost-Effectiveness of Adjuvant and Salvage Radiation Therapy for High-Risk Prostate Cancer after Radical Prostatectomy

Colleen Kelly
Mentor: Valerie Press, MD, MPH
Teaching Inhaler Technique: An Assessment of Interactive Video Module Education

J. Erik Kulenkamp
Mentor: Lewis Shi, MD
Characterization of Hip Fracture Risk Following an Incident Upper Extremity Fracture from 2003 through 2013

Alexander Ortiz
Mentor: John Schneider, MD, MPH
Risk Factor Assessment of Residents Living in Leptospirosis Endemic Neighborhoods in Belén, Iquitos, Perú:
A Case-Control Study

Brooke Peterson
Mentor: David Meltzer, MD’93, PhD’92
The Impact of the Comprehensive Care Physician Program on Advance Care Planning

Jared Sokol
Mentor: Eric Beyer, MD, PhD
Characterization of the Cataract-linked Connexin 50 N220D Mutant

Viktor Tollemar
Mentor: Russell Reid, MD, PhD
Craniofacial Defect Repair Using a Thermoresponsive Nanocomposite Scaffold and BMP9-transduced Human Urine-derived Progenitor Cells